The CROSS is the perfect hand truck for outdoor operations on a variety of surfaces. Its eye-catching, wide wheels are especially designed to conquer uneven and rough grounds. 


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Extra big special wheels - The Cross features two extra wide wheels with roller bearing   (Ø 18 x 9,5 cm wide) and puncture safe polymer binding. Therefore the cart stays perfectly maneuverable, even on soft, uneven or granular undergrounds. Sand, woods, or gravel cause no trouble at all - the cart can be easily used, without sinking in.

Handy -
Being only 12 cm wide when folded and weighing only 6,3 kg at 100 kg load capacity, this outdoor-talent can simply be stored anywhere.

Noble Design -
Chromed steel parts, aluminum and matt black plastics arrange for a unique, classy optics.

Ready to use in Seconds
- It takes almost no time and only a few moves until the Cross is ready use for literally any commercial or industrial application.

Even better Handling – With ergonomic handles made of synthetic material handling, the transport is made even more comfortable.

Secure Transport – With the "Spannfix" Load Securing System. No matter if the load is round or angled, big or small: with this unique system consisting of an anchor bar and fastening strap, every load can be fixed perfectly on the trolley. Easy, effective and secure.

3rd Generation – The RuXXAc carts are frequently improved and developed further, based on feedback from customers. This CROSS cart is the 3rd version of the original RuXXAc cart and features, for example, a higher load capacity and an automated wheel folding mechanism.

NEW: Convenient Rolling Function – The carts can be rolled into niches in folded condition, due to outstanding wheels. Click the video on the right for more details.

NEW: Wheel Folding Mechanism - The new CROSS wheels will be equipped with a new mechanism that allows them to automatically open and close when the platform is folded.

NEW: Higher Capacity - The new Cross can take up to 100 kg without any problem. That is a 25% increase compared to its former version. 


Rolling Function

For technical details of the RuXXAc Cross, review the data sheet.

To learn more about this cart and see pictures, please check out ourdownload section.

Rolling Function

Product Video