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The JUMBO is constructed for industrial and heavy duty operations. With a capacity of 550 lbs and its large platform, the Jumbo can handle any load at ease. 

For technical details of the RuXXAc JUMBO, review the data sheet.

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Rolling Function


The Strongest of All - Extra strong with 550 lbs load capacity.

Easy Storage - Folding flat to only 4.7'' thickness, the Jumbo may be stored in any small corner: In the trunk, the light lorry or the loaded truck. Wherever a strong hand is required, the Jumbo is right there. 

Ready to use in Seconds
- It takes almost no time and only a few moves until the Jumbo is ready use for literally any commercial or industrial application.

Rugged Construction - Due to the high quality material combination (steel tube, aluminum, and glass-fiber reinforced plastics) the Jumbo provides a load capacity of 550 lbs, compared to its own weight of only 25.1 lbs. Moreover the large, sturdy platform of the Jumbo is sized to handle bulky and awkwardly shaped items easily.

Extra Safety - Handles with plastic hand protection grips add to the operational safety. Moreover, the additional tube between the wheels increases the stability of the cart and can be used as footstep as well.

3rd Generation ​- The RuXXAc carts are frequently improved and developed further based on feedback from customers. This JUMBO cart now is the 3rd version of the original RuXXAc cart and features, for example, special wheels made of PU-material for less maintenance.

NEW: Special Wheels - The smart materials of the tires arrange for high rolling comfort while being puncture-proof at the same time. Roller bearings and lug treads guarantee perfect rolling comfort on all surfaces.

NEW: Convenient Rolling Function - The carts can be rolled into niches in folded condition, due to outstanding wheels. Click the video on the right for more details.