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Rolling Function


High Capacity - High load capacity of 125 kg compared to its own weight of only 6.0 kg.

Space Saving - Folding flat to only 8 cm thickness, the PARCEL CART can be stored in the tightest of spaces, even in an already full trunk. 

Easy Handling - Due to the special folding mechanism, the cart is ready to use within seconds - wheels and platform swing out at one simple move.

Comfortable Transport - Moreover, strong polymer wheels (Ø 18 x 4 cm) combine the puncture safety of solid rubber tires and the comfort of pneumatic wheels.

Grid Structure - Stable support grid (5 x 10 cm) between the bars enables easy stacking of differently sized packages, keeping your load safely in place. The grid structure prevents parcels from falling through, while saving net weight as well.

Bended Handle - The handle of the PARCEL CART is bended, so the cart can be loaded until the top and still be moved comfortably. 

Ready to use in Seconds - It takes almost no time and only one move to unfold the PARCEL CART. Just one push down on the toe plate and this cart is ready to go.

3rd Generation ​- The RuXXAc carts are frequently improved and developed further based on feedback from customers. This PARCEL CART is the 3rd version of the original RuXXAc cart and features, for example, a more durable gear system to ensure a very long lifetime.

NEW: Improved Gear System - The former red plastic gear has been replaced with a robust metal-gear. 

NEW: Convenient Rolling Function - The carts can be rolled into niches in folded condition, due to outstanding wheels. Click the video on the right for more details.

The PARCEL has been developed with and for a worldwide leading parcel service. Therefore it offers everything a PARCEL CART needs. Due to the fine grid between the frame tubes, the loads are secured additionally. 

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